7 Tips to Look Amazing without Spending Lots of Money

party dress
Looking beautiful is not only about having expensive clothes and shoes and spending lots of time and money at the beauty salon. Actually, there is no need of any of that. You should just need to pay attention how you look and how you feel, even wearing a cheap party dress will make you look like the party queen.

Take Care of Yourself

This is the first thing that you should do if you want to attract the attention of the others in a positive way. Have you had enough sleep? Do you really feel well? Do you really want to communicate with others or you just want to hide somewhere and get some sleep but you pretend that you want to party? These questions come to show you one general and very important truth – you look the way you feel. Yes, you can put a lot of make-up on your face and try to hide the traces of exhaustion on it but you should not do this. It is much better for your physical and mental health to live with the pace that your body can handle. Get some sleep, take a long relaxing shower and a healthy meal and then wear your evening party dress and prepare for great moments outside.

Drink Enough Water

This might sound irrelevant to looking awesome but actually is very important. Dehydration leads to dry skin and the beautiful skin is really essential if you want to look gorgeous. For example, your neck is one of the most beautiful parts of your body and it has to be gentle and well-hydrated. In addition to drinking enough water, you have to use hydrating creams and lotions.

Pick Up the Right Colors

When you choose your clothes you may pay attention to what is trendy but, in the first place, the colors and the models should suit you. Many people rely on the dark colors, especially black because they make them look thinner. Remember, however, that black might not be the right color for you. If you have pretty light skin, choosing something black can make you look like a ghost. Something much more joyful like red or orange will be a better option. Consult with your friends and family if you are not sure. Their opinions will probably differ but if something really makes you feel beautiful, they will agree. This is how I know that red is a color that suits well to my light skin and dark hair. This is definitely not my favorite color but I have heard so many times from friends that this is ‘my color’, so I know feel confident to choose something red to put on.

Also, have in mind what the occasion is. If this will be a crazy cocktail party, bright sexy dresses and accessories – a bag, scarf, etc. are very suitable. For me, it is strange to go to a party all dressed up in black and formal like you are going to a funeral. But many people do this because they are afraid they look fat otherwise. On the other side, if you are going to an official cocktail, business meeting, darker colors will be suitable. Avoid pink, orange, yellow, etc. in their bright nuances. Otherwise, you might look ridiculous. If you are going to a wedding, a flowy cocktail party dress with simple and light color will make you look gorgeous.

The Right Model

Choosing the right model of clothes is very difficult for many people. In general, this is the idea – if you are confident about your body – choose clothes that highlight its curves – tight jeans, shirts, skirts and so on. However, if you have some ‘problem zones’, usually around your belly, or big hips and buttocks, do not show them. Avoid short tops, tight skirts and everything that attracts the attention to these zones. Instead, choose something that highlights your beautiful neck, arms, etc. You should be the one to know your body the best, so give it clothes that show the most beautiful parts of it and delicately hides the problem ones.

If you are relatively short, high-heels and vertical stripes will help you look taller. On the other side, if you have long and slim legs, do not hide them – wear skirts and short dresses or tight jeans.

Spend Time at the Fitness

The best way to look amazing is to be in a great shape and to show this. So, you should find time not only to get enough sleep but also to exercise. You can make a nice workout in the fitness or go swimming or jogging, it is up to you. This will help you not only be slimmer but also stay healthy and look fresher.

Enjoy What You are Doing

Smiling and being happy makes everyone more beautiful. If you are stressed and nervous, this will be obvious to the others. So, pay attention to how you feel and do what it takes to feel better. Stick to the company you love and spend time in doing whatever makes you feel great, e.g. walking in the park, eating ice cream with friends, etc. Of course, there is an occasion where you simply should go because of your job or your family but you still need to stay positive. Think about how you are making someone else happy or how you are doing something important for your company. After all, you can also think about something pleasant that you can do afterward.

Looking Amazing is Up to You

It is not about spending so much money on buying fashionable clothes and accessories. What is really significant is to know yourself and your body – what suits you and what makes you feel in a great way. Many people who really spend lots of money actually do not have this and blindly follow fashion trends.

The best accessory you could have is your smile but it should be sincere. So, enjoy your experience whenever you go and be sure that you choose for the occasion the clothes that make you feel in a comfortable way. Do no dress in a way that is supposed to please the others but instead, choose clothes that suit you and give you freedom of moving.